Emily Carey is a 14-year-old English actress who was born on April 30th, 2003 in North London, England. To Emily it was never ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ she would be acting on stage for the first time as she grew up in a theatrical family, with many of them working in the business. She was spotted by an agent at eight years old and scored her first professional role as Young Fiona in “Shrek the Musical” at Theatre Royal Drury Lane. It was an incredible experience for her and she enjoyed being on stage so much that she decided she wants to be an actress forever. Emily was also interested in doing projects outside of the theatre and could soon after be seen in small projects such as the student short film “Mrs Marshmallow”. In addition, Emily was photographed for a print advertisement for Fiat and also got to do a commercial for Disney. In 2014 Emily booked the role of ‘Mini Idina’ for the music video of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’, the hit single performed by Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé. Luckily for Emily, bigger things were yet to come.

In the very same year, Emily learned that she had booked the role of Grace Beauchamp in BBC1’s flagship saturday night drama “Casualty“, which is about the everyday lives of the people frequenting the frenetic accident and emergency department of Holby City hospital. The role proved to be difficult as Emily’s character is an epileptic and she had to pretend to have seizures. Emily says she is a perfectionist and wanted to get it as close to reality as she possibly could for those who live with the reality of the condition every day of their lives. Since Emily’s character is representing a real condition which affects many people, she says she feels a ‘huge sense of responsibility‘ and constantly tries to raise awareness. In 2017, Emily got involved with the Children’s Trust, a charity supporting children with brain injury, and completed her #MyBrave challenge in hopes of inspiring others to do the same. Emily’s character Grace appeared on the show regularly for three years up until 2017 in a total of 34 episodes, making her the longest running child actor in the 30 year history of the BBC series.

In 2016, Emily booked the role of Mary Conan Doyle in the tv mini series “Houdini and Doyle“, a very different mood from what she had done previously. The series is set around the turn of the 20th century and Emily loved wearing costumes from a different era. Only a year later her first role in a feature film followed and Emily could be seen as Diana at age 12 in the action film “Wonder Woman“, the younger version of Gal Gadot’s character. While they didn’t actually get to work together on set, Emily did meet Gal and says ‘she really is everything you would expect Wonder Woman to be’. Prior to filming her brief scene for film, Emily spent nine weeks at the studios in Leavesden, Hertfordshire in the UK to train the very difficult sword fighting, which is a skill she enjoyed learning. Emily soon after had to return to training to learn how to shoot using a bow and arrow, another new set of skills for her, when she booked the role of Young Lara at age 14 in “Tomb Raider“, this time portraying the younger version of Alicia Vikander’s character.

Emily was offered her first major role in a feature film in 2018. Blake Harris, the director of the upcoming live action film “Anastasia” had seen her in Wonder Woman and knew right away that Emily was perfect for the title role. She then flew all the way to Kentucky, USA for filming, which has recently wrapped. The film will be distributed by Netflix and is expected to be released in fall of 2018.

Outside of the acting world, Emily is a regular teenage girl who still lives with her family and is currently working hard to maintain her good grades at school. She likes to spend time with her friends, who see her acting career as totally normal. Emily doesn’t really watch tv often, but when she does she enjoys the television series “Friends”. Another one of her hobbies is climbing, where she prefers the tough walls for a challenge. As of right now Emily knows she wants to be an actress forever, but whichever path she choses, we can’t wait to see what the future is holding for this talented girl!

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