Emily recently did an interview with the Israeli website Ynet! The interview was posted in hebrew, so I have taken my time to translate it and post it for you below! Please note that the text has been slightly altered for coherency, as word to word translations often do not work as well. Enjoy!

To be Gal Gadot for two minutes: the girl who played the two most powerful women on the screen

Emily Carey is only 15 years old, but the keen-looking action enthusiasts may have noticed that she had already starred as the young version of two giants – Wonder Woman and Lara Croft. “They helped me with the accent, it was fun,” she says of the entrance to the shoes of Gal Gadot – and of the connection to a character who grew up without a father. Still, “Tomb Raider” was easier to connect to: “Lara grew up in Britain, and I did not live like an Amazon on a desert island”

Four minutes of fame, more or less – this can sum up Emily Carrie’s film career; But those four minutes are divided into two of the biggest box office cashiers of the past year. The British girl, who celebrated her 15th birthday this year, appeared this year at Tomb Raider and last year at Wonder Woman: in one of them she played Lara Croft and the second was the young version of Diana. In the first she shared the screen with Alicia Vickender, and the other with Gal Gadot – with whom she even shares the same birthday (April 30).

Thus, Carey became the missing link in the fictional life histories of two of the female icons of western culture, in two separate Warner Brothers productions. As far as the young actress is concerned, this is a coincidence, or at least that’s what she says in a special interview with Ynet.

“I was lucky to be at the right age for each of the roles and to look like the younger versions of each of these characters,” she says. “I certainly agree that the two characters are somewhat similar, but I had to play each of them in a completely different way because each one comes from a different background and they are two different girls, who grew up in a different realities.

“Although the two characters are determined and courageous, they are different: Diana has always known her direction – to fight, while Lara has discovered her destiny in the course of her routine life, and I agree that there is a basis for the similarity between the two films that lead them to independent and strong women. I could testify to this myself, as someone who played the two young versions of the two heroines, and I was required to enter the heads of each of them, and as an actress I played them in a completely different way.”

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